Sunday, April 10, 2011

Barcelona, Spain, Part 5: June 30, 2010

Our fifth day in Barcelona was spent mostly on Montjuic, where a lot of the venues for the 1992 Olympic Summer Games are situated!

Cliff on the funicular on the way up to the mountain!

View of the funiculars from our carriage with the city in the back. To the left of the big pole you can see the Sagrada Familia, which you'll see in a later post :)

The gardens outside a fortress on Montjuic.

From here you can see some of the Olympic venues.

A view of the inside of the Olympic stadium. We didn't go on a tour or anything but we did manage to walk around one little section where we took these photos.

This is the some of the grounds in this Olympic area in front of the stadium and some of the other venues. We're not sure if the tower had anything to do with the Olympics, but now it's a radio tower.

The front entrance of the stadium. Even though the stadium itself is pretty modern in its design you can see the facade of the front still retains a lot of traditional elements.

Near the base of Montjuic, looking down the street which ends at Plaza Espanya. You can see in the middle the "Magic Fountain," where there is a light show on some nights set to music!

The National Museum of Art of Catalonia, which is at the base of Montjuic.

Central monument at Plaza Espanya.

Check out this ginormous chocolate croissant!!!!!!!!! Sadly we didn't get to eat it, just look at it :P

Down by the harbour: a cool modern statue! From one angle it's a funky face, from other ones it's just some abstract sculpture. FYI this side is just an abstract side :P

The boardwalk by the water...

Interesting house with really funny windows...

MMM! White chocolate truffle with raspberry filling!!

Some random really nice building!

Cliff sat on the bridge by one of the marinas. The bridge actually leads to a massive, sort of floating mall with a theatre and everything!

A shot of Stefan on the bridge with the city in the background.

The South end of La Rambla (where the waterfront is). This is a photo looking towards the water.

We went back to the Magic Fountain that evening in hopes of catching the water and light show, but alas... it was not to be. Try again tomorrow!